V12 Titan Black S5 Wellington VW256


This comfortable safety toecap and midsole wellington meets the highest requirements for slip resistance, with an SRC rating. Created from a supple compound of PVC and Nitrile Rubber, Titan has resistance to many contaminants and is also anti-static and hydrocarbon resistant. It features an air exchange channel to regulate temperature, and a padded footbed laid over a shock absorbing honeycomb heel section for day long comfort. Titan is reinforced over the toe area and under the arch of the foot for durability.



Black PVC and nitrile rubber upper, with a moulded heel stabiliser and internal trouser grips. Cutdown bands enable it to be resized. Resistant to hydrocarbons. Reflective panel for safety in low light situations.



Polyester lining.



Comfortable and breathable insole providing foot stability and freshness.



Wide fitting corrosion resistant steel.

Tested to impact of 200 Joules.


Protective midsole

Flexible corrosion resistant steel, pierce resistant to 1100N.



Red PVC / Nitrile rubber sole.

Reinforced midsection for digging


EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 SRC

V12 Titan Black S5 Wellington VW256