V12 KPU Technology Safety Trainer Black/White VT151


A designer trainer combining the latest thinking in safety and sports technology. Key features include a penetration resistant sole and safety toecap resistant to 200J. It incorporates a reinforced scuff toe for increased shoe life and slip resistant sole to ensure excellent grip. Lightweight and breathable and with a KPU sports technology upper it’s the perfect blend of style and safety.  



KPU sports technology upper. Lightweight and breathable. Webbing pull loop. Moulded around reinforced sports mesh. Suede leather toe scuff and heel scuff for increased abrasion resistance.



Padded colour. Breathable and moisture wicking to keep the foot cool and reduce the level of sweating.



Full length shock absorbing footbed is contoured to support and cradle the foot.



Steel toe cap.


Protective midsole

Composite midsole.



Dual density PU sole. Lightweight and shock absorbing/ cushioning


ENISO 20345:2011 S1P SRC

V12 KPU Technology Safety Trainer Black/White VT151

  • “At the end of a day’s work, the removable footbeds should be pulled half out of the boots to help make sure that they dry out and air properly overnight. If you don’t do this you risk the boots becoming smelly and create ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive in.”

    “If you get your boots really muddy, brush the worst off then wipe them down with warm water and let them dry naturally. Don’t put them on top of the boiler or in the airing cupboard as this will increase the tendency to crack the leather.”

    “Once a month, take out the replaceable insoles and stick them through the washing machine for a freshen up.”

    “When leather gets wet repeatedly, the natural oils eventually get washed out and if they are not replaced the leather will crack. You should periodically treat your boots to a dose of Chelsea Leather Food. This will feed and rejuvenate the leather and maintain its water resistant qualities.”

    “It’s worth investing in good quality socks made of cotton or other natural material. Besides being another layer of cushioning and insulation, socks play the vital role of wicking moisture away from the foot.”