CAT Bearing Black Leather Safety Boot CT010A


The Bearing is an Industrial Water Resistant Safety Boot Conforming to European Standard EN ISO 20345 S3. Protection Benefits from a Safety Toe Cap & an Anti Pentration Midsole. The Rubber Outsole Offers Traction Surpassing SRC Slip Resistance Test Standards.


Features and Benefits


EN ISO 20345 S3

Conforms to the European Stantard EN ISO 20345 S3

Safety Toe Cap Tested to >= 200 Joules Impact & 15kN compression



Sole Penetration Resistant Midsole Tested to >= 1,100 Newtons



Antistatic Resistance Between Foot & Ground. (0.1 to 1,000m Ohms)



Fuel Oil Resistant Outsole



Heel Energy Absorption Tested to >= 20 Joules



Water Resistant Treated Upper



Water Resistant Treated Article



Heat Resistant Oustole (Tested to Temperatures >= 300c for 60 Seconds



Sole Meets the Minimum Requirements for Slip Resistance when Tested on a Ceramic Tile Floor wetted with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Solution and a Stainless Steel Floor wetted with Glycerol Solution

CAT Bearing Black Leather Safety Boot CT010A